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Stories of Cairo

Student: Sara Sallam
Type of work: Interaction design, film making
Jochen Braun, Magdalena Kallenberger

“Stories of Cairo" is mainly about enhancing the storytelling experience with an exploration of non linearity, navigable structures and web narratives. The main approach is intersecting different media, in an attempt to design a storytelling experience assisting the book rather than eliminating it or substituting it, it revolves around an integrated multiscreen experience forming an interactive space around the book’s content, while making used of the dynamic exploratory structures of the digital world.

Divided into multiple layers, the overall practical side of this project is oriented around a book titled “The Story of Cairo” written by Stanley Lane-Pool, first published in 1902. Next to the interactive experience and the interface design proposed, a visualization of the book’s essence is explored through a visual narrative short film. This narrative is exploring the time gap between the words of the author and their visual interpretations after one hundred and ten years.



Moodboards were created in order to reflect the essence and visual identity and also to provide a basic overview of the imagery style and visual style that is going to be implemented through out the project.





The aim
Designing an exploratory experience that reveals bits and pieces of the history of the city through the amplification of the contrast between how it was and how it is in search of its identity.

The book
The story of Cairo- The story is bound in a linear medium, the experience is constrained in a limited space and the attention of the reader is challenged by the density of the content.

Through the observation of the hybridity of Cairo, one is able to see how the aspect of time is influencing its shape and form. Through the time gaps, more is revealed and explored. The multiscreen experience aims at encouraging locals and foreigners to observe and discover the history of the city in an active form of exploration and participation.