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Student: Hana Gohar
Type of work: Signage
Jochen Braun
Year: 2013

Cairo suffers from congestions due to poor traffic obligation and the enormous increase of private cars. Having Cairo located along the Nile River is an opportunity that most Egyptians don’t take advantage for transportation. The Nile bus, one of the rarely used public means of transportation in Egypt could be a solution to the crisis of the congested roads.

The main problem that causes the Nile bus’s failure is because it hasn’t got an identity that would facilitate the user’s plan in getting on the Nile bus and using it as a mean of transportation not only for excursion.   This project attempts to find design solutions to create awareness of the Nile bus’s existence and to create acceptance through a usable and clear design language – arabic and english as the goal of the project is to open up the nile bus for everyone.


The arabic font created is based on Plau, created by Rodrigo Saini. Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text. The core task here was to understand these visual characteristics and to transform certain ones on the arabic font, as well as the pictogram language, that accompanies the textual solution.