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Student: Raghda Moataz
Type of work: Digital Service, Interaction Design
Jochen Braun, Mariam Nezar, Yasser Nazmy
Year: 2016

KidsCare is an App for helping children living on the streets of Egypt. It is a platform that gives the user the opportunity to locate street children, help in finding missing children and help them stay off the streets. KidsCare is a support system for the unprivileged children to find people that are able to offer them love, nuturing and care.

Street Children is an ever evolving problem in the Egyptian Society. The government and NGOs are seem to put effort into solving it but the resources and approaches are not enough. Street children are the children who lack direct or indirect care from their care givers (usually parents) and tend to live in the streets. The problem is not only in exposing the children to various kind of abuse and violence, but also goes further to raise uneducated members to the society. This would generally reflect on the Egyptian society and specifically on the children’s chances of a future.

The street children can be divided into two kinds, children who have partial connection with their parents and children who are completely on their own. They are from the ages of 7 to 18 years old. 88% are located in urban Egypt and 12% of them are in the suburbs. Street children face societal discrimination and lack of awareness beside the rough living condtions of being on their own.



The stakeholders are mainly limited to three, the government who tracks reported children and direct found street children to NGOs, NGOs are the shelters and caregivers for children. Lastly, the street children themselves, who have no direct care and  live in the streets of Egypt. In addition to that, the individuals willing to offer help to the children.


Based on the conducted research and the understanding of how street children are helped in Egypt, the inefficiency in the currently used systems were highlighted. The Egyptian government has a hotline 16000 that helps in locating the children and direct them to shelters that the NGOs provide.



After the stakeholders analysis, connections between the stakeholders were created. From these connections it was conducted that including normal individuals in the process would add up to helping the street children. By helping the children financially and socially, one would gurantee a chance of having a better future for them and later on this would give back to the society.


Core Features
The core functionalities are based on three main functions. The first is to locate street children and help in finding street children and fill a report about him. The second is to search or find a missing child by matching him with the submitted reports and the third is to report a missing child.

The app is based on having records for children living in the streets and match them with the records of missing children. This can happen through four main categories which are visit, donate, volunteer and special aid. The app aims at connecting children with people that can help taking care of them, as well as raising the individual's social responsibility.




Core values
The core values of the app are help, care and kids. These values are reflected in the app and its branding. The app is a platform to help the children in need and help then overcome the tough situations they face on the streets. It reflects hope and light to the children by connecting them with people willing to help.