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Student: Farida ElKodary
Type of work: Digital service, Interaction Design
Jochen Braun, Mai Sedkey, Mariam Nezar
Year: 2016

GoodDeed is an online food donation service to help eliminate hunger and food waste. Throughout the app the user can donate the extra food to nearby mosques and churches, who in their turn give it to the people in need. People can also help each other by picking up the food they want to donate and deliver it to their preferred destination. The app has a set of discounts from food vendors to the users as a motivation.

1/3 of all the food produced in the world, which is equivalent to 1,3 billion tons, and is worth  1 trillion dollars, ends up rotting in the bins of consumers. 60 billion dollars from this waste is from only  the Arab World!  The Middle East nations are aknowledged to be the biggest food wasters on the planet especially in occasions like feasts, and Ramadan.

The enormous amount of food waste depends on our “eating”, “Cooking” & “Shopping” habits. The people of the middle east do not understand that we are already importing  major quantity of food, and throwing it away is not helping solve the situation. People tend to buy MORE than what they need and 25% of it goes in the trash.



The people’s behaviour of buying over their needs and having a lot of the food thrown away in the trash, while other people spend days without eating a proper meal, causes a societal gap between the social classes of Egypt, and the people of the lower classes start building hatred towards the people of the upper classes. Also the amount of food waste causes a problem of wasting money as well, which affects the economy of the country.


The challenge
To use the technology in creating an online platform that helps in decreasing the size of the gap between the rich and the poor. Creating a community of food volunteers and decreasing the amount of food wasted in Egypt


Core Features

The core features of the app are chosen to give the user the easiest and fastest way to fulfill the mission of the app itself, which is donating food and helping others donate their food to the needy.  The third core feature in the app is winning  points and vouchers, and become a Ranking users. This feature is a way to motivate the users to use the app more and turn this donation into a daily habit.


The diary was used to document all research findings, interviews, personas profile and user journeys done in the process of concept developement of the app.



Core values
The core values of the app are “Giving”, “Sharing” and “Helping”. And it all revolves around food donation. That is why the “Heart on the Plate” icon was chosen.because it represents all the values and the core function of “GoodDeed”