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Student: Reem Adel
Type of work: Editorial design
Supervision: Jochen Braun & Agnieszka Michalczyk
Year: 2016

We all experience mental illness but we can't relate to the nature of the mental illness itself. However, It is not only the issue of not relating to mental illnesses, but also the lack of education about it. It is uncommon to introduce mental illness and mental healthcare. The aim of this project is to help reduce the stigma towards those battling depression, and to look into the different social and cultural stigma that are attached to mental illnesses and how they affect those who are suffering from mental disorders.


Mental illnesses and disorders are things we are only beginning to understand for a long time before the field of mental healthcare or even mental illnesses were recognized. Disorders were often attributed to supernatural phenomenon such as spirits and demonic possession.

Studying human psychology and the nature of mental illnesses will contribute to the understanding of what people are dealing with emotionally especially those who are battling certain mental disorders. The lack of knowledge or understanding of mental disorders are the main contributors to the perpetuation of its stigma.



Stigma towards mental health can be defined by two types; Social Stigma which is a permutation of stereotypes, prejudices and discriminatory behaviors towards a group, this may result in reduced life opportunities for said degraded group. The Second kind being Perceived Stigma which is described as perceived beliefs on the stigmatizing views which other may hold. In a sense, the stigmatized group is generally expecting to be stigmatized and is likely to pin any negative or undesirable behavior towards them on their mental illness rather than anything else.

The book
The project is tackling depression from three aspects; first aspect is meant for education about different types of depression; second aspect is meant to convey the subjective experiences of depression and the third aspect is a resolve.


"I can't afford to be diagnosed with depression, I would lose so many job opportunities and my family would never take it seriously."


Visual exploration
The main reason behind the illustrations is to reflect the feeling and emotions that a depressed person would go through. The visual artwork is reflecting the heavy ugliness of depression, the development of the visual style was based on ink and a homemade calligraphy pen.