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Student: Nathalie Ashraf
Type of work: Visual identity, digital service
Jochen Braun
Year: 2014

Cymatic is a service concept for promoting the underground music scene in Cairo by creating a community for musicians and its fans to get discovered, to find opportunities, events and new connections by providing micro-crowdfunding for creative projects, online radio and a magazine to be daily updated and inspired.

Cymatic is the study of visible sound co vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid. Different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.


The generic term for this field of science is the study of modal phenomena, retitled Cymatics by Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and a pioneer in this field. The word Cymatics derives from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘billow’ or ‘wave,’ to describe the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on matter.


The core service is the online service, that enables one to find his favourite musicians and events. The outcome is designed to work seamlessly on all digital devices. The goal is to connect like-minded people, but also to push the local music scene through crowdfunding for micro events and production.