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Creating Heroes

Student: Reem El Sayed Samy, Shahenda Bahgat
Type of work: Interaction Design, Editorial
Jochen Braun, Mariam Nezar
Year: 2015

A communicative platform that aids children with social anxiety to overcome their social fears through a reflective diary through which the child will document episodes from his day about his feelings and activities.

What is S.A.D?
It is the feeling of discomfort and fear of interaction in social situation. It is also the fear of being judged or evaluated negatively by other people leading to feeling of criticism, embarrassment, humiliation, rejection, and depression.


Based on the conducted research and interview with a psychologist, it was learned that different children could suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. To be able to understand more, user journey and personas were made. It was learned that S.A.D. is based on three factors, genetics (10%), pregnancy (10%), and surrounding enviroment (80%). 



The majority of the parents are not cultured enough or educated enough to understand this psychological illness and ways to deal with it. Therefore, the parental guide was designed in order to educate the parents about this stigma, its symptoms, how to overcome it, and different learning skills for their children to aquire.