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Student: Sarah Gebril
Type of work: Branding, visual identity
Jochen Braun &  Marouan Omara
Year: 2013

Filmmaking is like any other form of art, it is a way to express and reflect a society’s problems, beauty and characteristics on so many different levels. This form needs space to be expressed, to grow and be recognised. Egypt lacks this space when it comes to independent filmmaking, which is considered a necessity in the current political situation and developments.

The design solution helps this form of art to grow. The result is an authentic brand concept for an independent film festival in Cairo, that tells the story of independence and censorship.

Young independent Egyptian filmmakers have many needs, this research concentrate on "Independence & Censorship" for several reasons:

1. Egypt is going through many political changes after the Egyptian revolution. The country is still repressed and freedom of speech is not practiced by the current regime.

2. Censorship exists till the current time, creativity is being limited and the truth is being censored.

3. Motivating independent filmmaker to submit their film in the festival without fearing being banned or censored in anyway.

4. Building trust between the created service and the filmmakers by highlighting "freedom of expression" as the main theme.



Brand Mission & Logo Development
Reminding people that Freedom of Expression is a value a society has to fight for and once achieved has to be protected. The brand is vibrant and interactive with an iconic sign "X" that transforms the core message of censorship and The Pursuit of Freedom of Expression.



The brand colors are vibrant, powerful, vivid, strong, and bright as a reflection to the target group.

The stencil has been used a lot in Cairo streets to produce graffiti since 2011. Stencil typefaces became more familiar after the people of Egypt decided to break free as they reflect strength, boldness & braveness. The font used is designed by
Eduardo Manso.


Interactive posters
Censorship in a nutshell, hides part of the truth and changes its meaning. Therefore, my concept is based on reflecting that aspect of censorship. The audience views the poster for the first time in its censored version. They get to interact with the posters by removing the pink strip from the censored words, as a result, they get to view the right version by uncensoring the posters.

The posters still work with the same concept after the removal of the pink strip through distance. From far away, the audience won't be able to view the censored words properly. However, after approaching the posters, they will be able to read the words uncensored.



Within the festival, my audience can still interact with my brand by forming their own words of expression and manipulating each others' versions. Below is the before & after posters.


This project has been featured on Corporate Identity Portal, Novum Magazine 11/2013, Page Magazine 12/2013.