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Student: Anan Raafat, Farah Houssam, Nadia Safwat
Type of work: Digital service, Interaction Design
Jochen Braun
Year: 2017

CollectCombineCreate brings Islamic arts into modern culture. It aims at motivating people to not only recognize Islamic arts but also learn about it and engage with it. It is a medium through which people can collect details from the past, combine them together and create modern artworks. C offers a vast variety of opportunities with which people can revive their knowledge of Islamic arts and thoroughly experience it. 

Based on the visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo;
The surroundings should be counterbalanced by the museum. The facilities are not engaging enough with the visitors leading to negatively affecting their experience, some even feel fatigued during their tour and decided to end it. The museum is exhibition centered but lacks being customer centered, the focus is placed on the artifacts merely as objects and not on the way the artifacts are experienced as art by the visitors.

The Islamic civilization is presented as a lost heritage disregarding its continuity. The museum is considered as a religious institute and not an artistic entity, which shifts the essence of the museum as a curator for Islamic Arts.

The labels on the artifacts are not offered in many languages, therefore, many visitors find it hard to understand the provided information. In addition to that, the information are not insightful or informative enough to widen the visitors’ range of knowledge. Some visitors stated that they expected a more detailed explanation about the Islamic ornaments, such as floral motifs, geometric patterns, and calligraphy, some stated that they had a problem of disorientation and did not find a clear way finding system.



The Ministry of Tourism sponsors and promotes the implementation of the business.

The Ministry of Antiquities grants access to an antiquities database, helps with renovating and conserving monuments and sites and facilitates the renovation of signage and way finding systems by the business.

Tourists engage with the business and act as a portal to reach the international arena.

Egyptians who experience the Islamic Arts and engage with it.



Offering users an interactive journey that allows them to use the old artifacts, places and symbols of the Islamic culture and interpret them onto modern art media, therefore, bringing the Islamic art scene and culture into mode change its perception from heritage and history to thriving and flourishing.





The application’s core features are scan, collect and create, everyone gets to make their own artwork.

Through scanning the desired artifact, the user is offered information about various aspects of the artifact, such as history, material, process, etc. as well as trivia questions about the artifact. If the user gets the answer correctly, they collect a detail from the artifact that gets saved to their inventory. After collecting several details, they go to the canvas where they start creating their artwork by arranging and adjusting three or four details in a unit and choosing a repeat pattern and color gradient.

Later, users get to challenge one another either to become Artist of the Month or win store points. Using store points, they get to shop in the application store for items with patterns they made on mediums of their choice or from already-made items. Using the map on the application, users can also locate the position of the artifact they wish to go to. 


Fusing the old, traditional art with the new and modern.

Vibrant and energetic vibe to help illuminate the art.

Making people feel involved and contributing to the modern art scene.



These are all the colors used for all created patterns. A combination of three colors is used for each pattern, creating a gradient, with one color being the most dominant, another being less dominant and one being the least dominant. In the application, we integrate our three main colors for C-Cairo; yellow, blue and green to an addition of black and white.