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Student: 100/100 team
Type of work: Exhibition design, Visual identity
Jochen Braun
Year: 2015

“100 BEST ARABIC POSTERS” is a platform to create and establish the first design network in the Middle East. It aims at creating a dynamic space celebrating the diversity of our visual culture through design.

A poster is an advertising medium for business, culture and social affairs. It is an advertising medium for commissioned work of semi public and public spaces, it could be used as a material for self-promotion, for example, politics, branding, etc. Thus, from the design point of view, the poster provides the basis for functioning visual communication– is responsible for designing correctly and artfully designed posters, transporting information and consequently knowledge from different levels. In the Arab region in general, and in Egypt in specific, the majority of the posters are used as information sources for national as well as international corporation and for political purposes.


100 BEST POSTERS is a non-profit organization taking place each year in a country among the Arab world with the participation of the local and region’s population, the organization act as a collective and dynamic platform with the aim of reviving and embracing the diversity of the Arab world’s visual language, solely through collected and selected Arabic posters. It is an association of design communities and designers in general.



Naming Concept 
It is inspired by the characteristics of nostalgia in visualising the corporate identity. 

The fonts used are 29LT Azer and 29LT Kaff, designed by Pascal Zoghbi 29LT Type Foundry.


Visual language
The visual technique is based on creating GIF to reflect a dynamic and interactive language especially in the webiste and on social media platforms

Workshop – The Spatial Layout Exhibition workshop with Prof. Christine Albert and Christoph Muth

The interdisciplinary workshop Spatial Layout with Prof. Christine Albert from TH Nürnberg/Germany and Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Muth, head of the 100/100 Architecture section at the GUC, took place from 29/11 to the 04/12 at the Germany University in Cairo. It aimed at providing the 100/100 core team with an elaborated vocabulary of spatial typologies in the field of contemporary exhibition design, in order to merge the two disciplines of Graphic Design and Architecture into coherent “Spatial Communication” for upcoming 100/100 moving exhibition in 2016. Starting with an “Urban Safari” through Cairo, in order to explore the rich diversity of the Arab Culture/identity, the workshop featured advanced discussions and lectures concerning the different topics of the exhibition design, as well as DesignBuild sessions to test ideas on physical models. The output of the workshop was presented to the public in the framework of the 100/100 TEASER EXHIBITION at DAAD on the 04/12/15 in Cairo.



100 Best Arabic Posters is a non-profit organization taking place each year in a country among the Arab world. With the participation of the local and region’s population, the organization act’s as a collective and dynamic platform with the aim of reviving and embracing the diversity of the Arab World’s visual language, solely through collected and selected Arabic Posters.

100 Best Arabic Posters seeks to be the leading organization in the Arab world, aspiring to place the graphic design of the region at the center of the attention. By engaging and exposing the public’s work, the organization becomes a center of visual cultural exploration and celebration.100 Best Arabic Posters enriches the present and the future generations through their locality by encouraging and inspiring a progressive Arabic graphic design. 

Engaging, Anyone is welcome to take part of the organization with the condition of submitting an Arabic design.

Exposing, Displaying the Arabic design to the region and the outside world to promote its diversity and unique identity.

Connecting, A timeless purpose grouping the region’s countries from a generation to the other through visual language.

Kick off event
On the 4th of December 2015, 100 Best Arabic Posters started its jouney at the German Science Center in Cairo (DWZ), the public was welcomed to an intiatibe exhibition lead by 100 Best Arabic Posters, acknowledging and stating the value of poster design as a communicaing medium. Most importantly, it welcomed the earlt inauguration of the region's most unique and qualified design organization.


Workshop – Poster Workshop Exhibition with Prof. Stein

A two-week poster workshop under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Stein took place place in early April 2016. In addition to the students of the German University in Cairo, as well as students from other universities. The workshop is designed as an intensive workshop and is limited to two full days for each student. This allows a high number of participants within the two weeks. In the final workshop, a presentation session, exhibition and a documentation of the results will be developed.


Prof. Stein workshop newspaper
As a documentation of the outcome of the workshops, four volumes were produced inlcuding the work executed by the students in the two-days intensive workshop. The volumes were distributed at the exhibition held at the Kodak Passage 20 Adly Street in Downtown, Cairo. 


100/100 Team – Project implementation and organization

The project implementation, execution and organization is under the supervision of the GUC teachers and students.

Prof. Rayan Abdullah, Founding Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts
Ahmad Saqfalhait, Head of Graphic Design Department
Magdalena Kallenberger, Head of Media Design Department
Jochen Braun, Lecturer, Graphic Design
Darius Gondor, Lecturer, Graphic Design
Regina Rammelt, Letterpress workshop supervisor
Christoph Muth, Instructor, Architecture
Salma Abou-Aisha, Teaching Assistant, Graphic Design

Merna Ayman, Brand Design
Rewan Gamaly, Media
Catherine George, Web
Fatma Ghariba, Web
Nada Hesham, Brand Design
Mirna Noaman, Brand Design
Mariem Osama, Brand Communication
Arwa Ossama, Media
Julia Sabry, Brand Communication
Khadiga Usef, Media
Carina Kamel, Web
Nour El Leissy, Brand Communication
Miriam Melek, Web
Rana Nadim, Brand Communication
Remone Medhat, Web