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Student: Mirna Ismail, Nada Hesham and Merna Ayman
Type of work: Digital service, interaction design
Jochen Braun, Noha el Taher
Year: 2013s

3allemiha, which means "teach her" in Arabic, is a woman-to-woman educational intiative that offers cross classes through journey that explores Egypt. It aims to bridge the gap between woman in the city and woman in the countryside through utilizing the skills and capabilities of each of them and making them aware of how they could utilize them to contribute to social benefit.

Brand story
From the Delta to Upper Egypt, all of us women have our differences; some of us can bake their own bread while some can teach 400 student at a time. To stand united, we must not only seek to look past these differences, but to learn to make something out of them. In 3allemiha, we seek to broaden Egyptian women's horizons through offering cross-classes, where urban situated women and suburb situated women get to exchange their skills in an empowering and entertaining experience, which makes each participant in our project not only aware of the potential power of her skills, but also how, side-by-side with fellow Egyptian women, they become a force to be reckoned with.






Through the moodboard the visual style is communicated mainly through showing the colors, illustrations, imagery, and typography.


How it works?

1. Nada signs up for 3allemiha.
She creates an account and enters her personal information according to her skills and preferences.

2. Nada chooses her journey.
She picks a journey where she'll learn about something she is interested in and helps teaching something within her field.

3. NGO help select Narges as a candidate.
Our partnering NGO picks Narges from Fayoum who makes hand-made jewelery to teach at 3allemiha.

4. Narges gets a training program.
The NGO launches training programs to introduce Narges and her friends to their roles in 3allemiha's cross classes.

5. Nada and her group travel to Fayoum.
3allemiha and our supporting NGO provide transportation and accommodation if needed for each journey at affordable rates.

6. Finally 3allemiha's classes start.
The first self-development class starts followed by the jewelery making class.



About Page
This page offers information about the service in details, what it is and what it aims for, in attempt to motivate the user to sign up and join the journey.


Profile Page
The profile page is a documentation of the user's experience. After she signs up, all her personal information, activities, journeys, and awards will be recorded in her profile.


Journey Page
The user's homepage contains a list of all the journeys available; highlighted by markers of price and a special marker for special offers. As well as a filter system that one could use to categorize their journeys to the way that fits their own preference and schedule.