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Student: Dareen Ismail
Type of work: Digital service, Interaction Design
Jochen Braun, Mai Sedkey
Year: 2016

BEKYA is a service for providing users with an easy connection between their recycable items and the zabaleen that collect them. Bekya aims at increasing environmental responsiblity within the community as well as creating a better foundation for Cairo’s zabaleen to earn a fair income for their hard work.

Waste management and recycling are practically been non-existent in Egypt. The endless war between government trash collector and the zabaleen has been going on since early 1990s making waste management a constant problem in not only the city of Cairo, but the whole country. Research shows that Egypt produces around 15,000 tonnes of garbage per day and the number is increasing even more, with this much production of waste, many useful materials that can be recycled go uncategorized without peoples understanding of how essential the recycling of these materials can be for both the economy and the environment. 



Similar Attempts
Several NGO’s have branched out over the course of the years towards finding better solutions for maintaining a cleaner environment however none have managed to reach the Egyptian market effectively, an example of this being Greentec which is still in the process of establishment

Existing technologies
Relating this application to anything is difficult because it is yet to exist in any market around the world. Making it stand out in terms of market penetration. Which is why evaluating the application from my standpoint was difficult because there wasn’t much i could compare it to

The initial expectation from the project led me to believe that people simply don’t care enough to do anything about the environment however research shows that although not practiced currently, Egyptian people are willing to change their behavior if the service were to be introduced



The challenge
In order to ensure fairest and most efficient service within bekya it is essential to avoid association with the government in order to avoid corruption. The application needs to be very accessible to both zabaleen and users in order to make the journey of recycling as fun as possible


Core Features
Based on what is currently missing, providing services and functions that can both directly help the user into easily contributing towards helping the environment as well as providing the application with the necessary functions needed to keep people using the application lead to two main functions, contributing and linking people with the zabaleen



Core values
Professional, strong, user-based, fun, accessible, informative, competitive
Information should have a fun and motivational tone 
Direct and respectful system between zabaleen and users 
The app should motivate people to want to have a cleaner environment in order to improve Egypt’s’ waste problem